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Update 1.1.5 is all about removing barriers. If you, or someone you know, has been wanting to try Music_SDP out but are on the fence or are unable to get the program working, this might be the update you’ve been waiting for. If you’ve been running Music_SDP fine and enjoying your time with the program, we’ve removed a barrier for you too. We’ve found ways to make the program more reliable and a little leaner, so you can do more with your computer’s power.

Making Life Better for All of Our Creators

Removing boundaries makes life better for everyone. In this update, regardless of how you use Music_SDP, we’ve got some changes we think you’ll like.

No More Java means a better Music_SDP for everyone

Since the first release of our program, Music_SDP has relied on Java for all of our project management needs. This has always been something of a thorn in our side, as running Java alongside the rest of the program has taken up a lot of additional resources and has caused countless problems for many of our users.

We are thrilled to announce that with 1.1.5, we’ve found leaner and better ways of doing everything we were doing before, but without the Java! No more messy installations, no more extra steps, no more wondering whether you got the right version. Just install Music_SDP and get started! If you didn’t have any issue with using Java, this is still a good thing, as you’ll now have more of your CPU free to make music with. No Java might just mean an additional 1 or 10 modules in your projects.

Sierra support is here

We’ve been working hard on this one. Sierra introduced a new security measure called App Translocation that resulted in users getting stuck on Music_SDP’s loading screen. To fix the issue, the team had to completely redesign our approach to building the application. There were some major growing pains with this one, but we’re thrilled to announce that the issue has been resolved and Sierra users finally have the chance to really dive into Music_SDP.

An easier installation process

One of the nice side-effects of our new method of building Music_SDP and removing Java is the fact that installing Music_SDP has never been easier. This is true for both operating systems, but it’ll be really apparent to MacOS users. Now, simply open the installer, drag the app to your desired location, and get started making music!

Install Music_SDP where you want

Who knew that removing Java could open up so many new possibilities? In the past, Windows users were only allowed to install Music_SDP in their hard drive’s root folder. Now the default install location has been moved to your “System Files” folder, but you’ve also been given the option to install our program anywhere you’d like. Sometimes, it’s the little things that count.

Easier exploration of the source code.

We’ve always wanted to make it as easy as possible for Max users and programmers to explore the Music_SDP code. With this update we’ve made a huge leap in accessability with our new launcher. Patches begin unlocked and fully accessible, and you only ever need to open the code that’s most interesting to you. This may just be the time to dive in and start to work on your own contributions!

More New Features and Updates

We’ve put a lot of love into this update and we’ve got even more exciting news to share with this launch.

New Module: The Chopper 2

Continuing with our series of ‘glitchy’ effects, we’re excited to announce our newest module. If you’ve enjoyed turning your audio files into mulch in the original Chopper, the Chopper 2 gives you the power to mulchify live audio with just as much ease! With three modes and a plethora of options, the Chopper 2 gives you tons of tools for tearing down and building back up your live signals. We’ll have a tutorial out soon, but you can start making exciting sounds now!

GitHub is back!

In the spirit of sharing and encouraging community, we’ve got our GitHub repository fully operational once more! For developers, this means that nightly releases and in-progress builds will be available so that you can keep up with our changes in real-time. For the adventurous, you can help us test code out before it goes into our beta releases! You can check out our GitHub page now.

System Updates and Fixes

What would a new release be without some minor improvements and tweaks? Here are the other changes we’ve made to improve your Music_SDP experience:


  • Music_SDP folder added to document tree for better project support: Now, when loading Music_SDP for the first time, new folders will be created in your Documents folder that make it easier to store and access project files and 3rd party modules. This means that future updates will no longer remove your list of saved projects, and you won’t need to re-install 3rd party addons.
  • A cleaner, rewritten Project Loader: We’ll be working on rewriting and simplifying many of the bulkier parts of our project code over the upcoming updates. With this update, we’ve looked for ways to make the Project Loader leaner and cleaner. We’ll try to do more as time goes on, but here’s to a good start!


  • EZ File Player no longer sending singal out to mystery output: We found the source of the mystery singal out and we’ve removed it. Phew!
  • Gater no longer sends bangs to console when running: We know that most of our users aren’t looking at the console, but this one was bugging us anyway. Issue resolved.
  • Fixes applied across System Board: Small tweaks and fixes have been applied across the board, mostly pertaining to window size and arrangement.
  • “Unidentified Developer” issue fully resolved: It shouldn’t have taken this long, but we’ve finally wrapped our heads around the concept of being Apple Certified Developers. This means that we can put all of the issues revolving around being “Unidentified” developers to rest.

A Better Music_SDP for the future

We’ll be continuing to improve the project for all of our users with future updates. This will mean many things that we’re not quite ready to share yet, but we’re excited. We can say that our goal is to make the project as professional and as modern as possible, and we’re looking to add more of the features that you’ve come to expect from your favorite professional programs. We think that this update is another big step in that direction. We hope you think so too! As always, we can’t wait to hear what our users make with these new features. Enjoy the update and share the love of free and powerful music making tools.


-Hugh Lobel, and the Music_SDP team.

we’ll see you with more news and updates soon!

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