The The Music_SDP 1.1.5 update is coming out this weekend, with fixes to major problems, and a new module to explore.

Download Music_SDP 1.1.4a to make some music while you wait!

Sierra hasn’t played nicely with Music_SDP lately, and several of our users have had issues with Java. We decided to do something about these major issues while improving the system in a variety of ways. Read more about these updates below

No More Java for The Music and Sound Design Platform

Since launch, Java has allowed Music_SDP to do some very important things that make our program possible. Specifically, Java handled project management, allowing us to create and save unique project files and copy them to the right places…

But this came at the cost of slowing Music_SDP down and making it harder to setup. The team has found ways to do everything we were doing before without the need for Java, meaning no more Java install necessary, and a faster, leaner program for everyone!

Sierra Supported!

Sierra introduced new security features that, while good in the long-run, made our program unusable. We’ve dug deep into this problem and we are relieved to say that we found the fix. Sierra users rejoice!

Projects Lists That Stay After Updates

We’ve changed the way that Music_SDP keeps track of user projects. Your project list will no longer reset when you install an updated version of Music_SDP (okay, it’ll reset with this one, but then we’re good in the future!)

The Chopper 2 module is perfect for live glitching!

The Chopper 2 module introduces a whole new way to chop your audio into beautiful mulch! With three modes and tons of options, expect the unexpected!

Other Updates

The improvements don’t end there. Here’s what else you can expect:
  • New, more robust options and a new launcher for source code users. Now it’s easier than ever to pop open the hood and modify to your heart’s content.
  • EZ File player no longer outputs audio to mystery channel.
  • Windows users can now install Music_SDP to any location they’d like on their computer.

Don’t forget the forums!

The forums have been receiving a little love lately, and we’d love to hear what you have to say also. We read everything our users write, and we consider all requests and issue reports for future updates. You can go straight to the forums here!

The 1.1.5 Update is just a few days away, and we are thrilled about all of these changes. We’ll be back soon with more information, and we can’t wait to talk about 1.1.6 in the near future. In the meantime, we’ve got some work to do!

-Hugh Lobel, and the Music_SDP team.

we’ll see you with more news and updates soon!

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