Music_SDP 1.1.4 is available now!

We’re having so much fun with the Glitch Pad, and we know you will too! Create wild and exciting sounds from any audio file! And that’s just the beginning with the 1.1.4 update…

Important: MSDP is now a 64-bit application. This means that ALL USERS (new and returning) need to install Java Runtime 8 to use the program. OSX users will now find a Java installer included when they open the “Install Music_SDP” disk image, while Windows users will find the installer included in their Music_SDP folder. Make sure to install Java Runtime SE 8 before using our new version of Music_SDP!

Come for the new Glitch Pad module, stay for the rest of the updates!

Our 60th module, the Glitch Pad, is one of the strangest and coolest modules we’ve built to date, and I’d say it’s reason enough to grab the new update. But we’ve also been hard at work adding features you may not have even known were missing, and looking out for the future of the program.

First off, we’re thrilled to announce that we are finally Apple Certified Developers!

This doesn’t mean that we’ll be appearing on the App Store any time soon, but it finally means that the issues Apple users have had with installation in the past are finally resolved. No more “App is Damaged” issue, no more jumping through hoops or opening up the terminal window to get our program to run!

Major Project Updates:

Open audio/MIDI/VST files from anywhere on your computer without having to add them to your project!

With the new option to search your computer for media files, you are no longer required to load media files into your project in order to use them in your project. Note that audio loaded this way will be saved with your boards, but media files will not be saved with your project. The files won’t won’t work when reloading a board if the file is moved or if the project is opened on another computer. However, for users who don’t share their projects, this is a great way to save on hard drive space and avoids creating excessive duplicate files!

This idea came at the request of an MSDP user named Pedro Martin, who got tired of re-loading the same VST files over and over again with each project he built. Once Pedro sent us the idea, it seemed like the most obvious thing we’d never thought about. Thanks for the idea Pedro!

Music_SDP is now 64-bit and we’ve updated our Java classes to work with the newest versions of Java Runtime!

OK, we understand that most of our users won’t be too excited by this news, but going 64-bit and updating our Java classes keeps us in the game as technology continues to progress. Sticking with older technology meant that eventually MSDP would have stopped working on modern systems. Keeping things technologically up-to-date makes sure that our software can continue to run in the coming years. Users will have to install a new version of Java Runtime, but it’ll be worth it, we promise!

We’ll be plastering the site with information about downloading Java Runtime 8, and we’ve included copies of the installer with the Music_SDP program and application download, so don’t worry about finding it, we’ll help you out!

Get the latest news and learn about software updates in the Project Browser!

Now, when a new version of the software is available, you’ll know as soon as you open the program. Our unobtrusive notice at the bottom of the Project Loader screen let’s you know that a new version is available to download and offers a button to open the download page in your preferred browser!

The new Recent News section of the Project Loader finally puts the right side of the screen to good use! This section will let you know about upcoming releases, the newest additions to our YouTube channel, and will even provide a look into the music that our community is making. MSDP is going online!

We have (the first part of) a User Manual!

The User Manual is a big undertaking, and detailed documentation will almost certainly take more than one update to complete. But we’ve finished the first 100 pages, and there’s plenty here to pour through and learn from. The User Manual will only be available online for the time being, so that updates can be shared as soon as they’re made. A link to the newest version of the User Manual will now accessible from the Music_SDP menu on OSX and the Help menu on Windows, and we can let you know when updates are available via the Recent News section!
New Module:

The Glitch Pad

Who doesn’t like glitchy and gnarly sounds? The new Glitch Pad lets you scrub through your audio files while turning them into glitch soup! Different audio files will make different glitchy results, and the pad can be “played” to design all sorts of beautifully nasty creations!

Total overhaul/revamp of the Signal-2-MIDI module
We’ve switched over to a different pitch-detection algorithm for the core of the module that works significantly better than the original. The new algorithm provides far less junk data, is more accurate, and is more CPU efficient! On top of that, there are now two primary modes: Stream, and Musical. Stream mode sends MIDI data continuously, while Musical only generates new MIDI notes when a note starts. The previous options are all still available, but can be selected in both modes!

The Automator Board finally has the modern preset system implemented
If you’d asked me a month ago why the Automator Board doesn’t have the same version of the preset system as the rest of the program, I would have looked at you with confusion… primarily because I didn’t know that was true! Admittedly, this is one of the flaws of such a large program being designed by such a small team; it can be difficult to keep track of each aspect of the program. But, as soon as the issue was brought to my attention, I jumped to fixing it! Now, Automator Boards can have preset files saved and loaded with the same ease as the rest of the program. Plus, we hugely expanded the preset bank so that you can save a massive number of automation messages with your projects! Thanks to Dean Berlinerbrau (of new MSDP logo fame), for bringing this to my attention!

Load First Score Event on Project Launch no longer requires loading saved boards
With this update, users no longer need to have a saved board load on project launch in order for the “Load First Score Event on Project Launch” option to function Properly.

Performer Instructions are now accessible via Automation
Using the automation ID “MSDP_Performer_Instructions”, users can now automatically open and close the performer instructions page, and can also replace the title and the content with new text. Parameter names are “open”, “close”, “title”, and “content.”

We are thrilled that version 1.1.4 is finally here!

We are very proud of this update. Not only is our Glitch Pad module super fun and intuitive, but all of our other changes are improvements we’ve been wanting to add to the software for a long time! This update takes us even further in our journey to provide musicians with robust tools to in a professional package. We can’t wait to see what our users can do with Music_SDP now!

-Hugh Lobel, and the Music_SDP team.

we’ll see you with more news and updates soon!

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