Download the 1.1.1 update now!

The latest update to the Music and Sound Design Platform is here! We’ve been listening to our users and your requests are coming through loud and clear: We’re thrilled to announce that users can now add VST instruments and effects to their projects, massively expanding what’s possible and the types of sounds you can make.

Ready to learn more? Watch our new tutorial video to learn how to use the new VST modules.

The VST System

We’ve also uploaded the second half of our Score System Tutorial. Watch them both now!

Score System Part 1:

and part 2:

If you haven’t yet begun building scores, these tutorials walk you through everything you need to know. The Score System gives you unprecedented control over your projects, and allows you to create changes to your projects with insane levels precision and detail.

You may notice a new credit in these two most recent tutorials. The accompanimental music to our Score Tutorial part 2 and the VST tutorial comes from a community contributor who goes by the name “Autopilot”. You can learn more about him and his work by following the details below the youtube videos!

While you’re on our YouTube channel, please consider subscribing to make sure that you’re keeping up with all of our new content. With a very small team, it’s hard to push out videos as often as big YouTube content creators, but we’re going to continue creating new tutorials, previews, improvisations and more!

Finally, as promised, there are lots of bug fixes in the 1.1.1 launch. We’ve corrected an issue that was causing controller use to crash the system, as well as a fix to the Drum Machine, the Gater, the Signal-To-MIDI module, and many tweaks to the new Score Player! We’ve also updated the Synthesizer template with a new method of routing MIDI data into synth modules.

We’re thrilled about what the new VST system and the new fixes means for future projects in Music_SDP. Now you can introduce your favorite 3rd party instruments and effects into your projects! We can’t wait to see what our

-Hugh Lobel, and the Music_SDP team.

we’ll see you soon with another update 🙂

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