For the Music_SDP 1.2.0 update we have a brand new Pedal Board and an exciting new instrument!

We’ve turned out several updates over the last two years that addressed many of user biggest requests. Continuing that practice, we’ve heard our users loud and clear, and we’ve finally turned our attention to the most integral part of Music_SDP:

The Pedal Board!

———— The Official 1.2.0 Update List ————

A Completely Re-Written Pedal Board:

How many new features can you see?

  • Per-Board Power Button -Turn the audio processing on your pedals on and off at will.
  • Remove Module – Did you accidentally make one or twenty too many modules? Get rid of them!
  • Save / Save As any time – Save either way, regardless of which board you have open.

And it gets better!

  • Add / Remove Boards after saving your board. – Keep modifying your board forever!
  • Scrollable / Resizable boards – once a pedal board fills up your screen, you can scroll to see more. Now you can have 100 modules in a single board, and you’ll be able to navigate to each one with ease.

 Finally, our Pedal Boards provide all of the flexibility you need to explore to your heart’s content!

New instrument: The Subtractive Synthesizer

Every good electronic creator’s toolbox needs a subtractive synthesizer. Combine white noise, pink noise, waveforms, or any audio signal input and use filters to create compelling and complex tones. Utilize up to six filters in sequence, parallel, or both, to craft exactly what you need.

Project Fixes:

  • All instruments are now more efficient on Windows
  • Morphing Filter Parameters are now accurate
  • Projects no longer generate two project files
  • Automation fixes for A+2 and Audio File Player
  • MIDI Arpeggiator now saves notes properly


The 1.2.0 Update may seem small, but it represents a lot of effort put in to totally revising and re-writing the pedal board. We’ve been working hard to help Music_SDP reach it’s full potential, and with our new pedal board, we’ve made one more step in that direction. We hope you all enjoy the new freedom.

And we have some big news coming very soon! Until then, have fun creating!

-Hugh Lobel, and the Music_SDP team.

we’ll see you with more news and updates soon!

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