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The list of modules available in the Music and Sound Design Platform is continually growing. The 1.1.4 release features a collection of 60 instruments, filters, buffer effects, utilities, audio tools, and MIDI tools that can be mixed and matched to create and explore any kind of music. Feel empowered to experiment and play, trying out different combinations and finding interesting and unique sounds. Read through this page for an introduction to each of our current modules.




Effects & Filters

Buffer Effects

Audio Tools

MIDI Tools


Newest Instruments

The VST Instrument

Got a favorite VST instrument that you wish you could incorporate into your Music_SDP project? The VST Instrument module can load it up and let you play it just like any other MSDP instrument!

The Stochastic File Granulator

We took the idea of the Stochastic Grains Synthesizer and applied it to audio files. Deconstruct and re-combine your favorite audio to find new ideas you might not have expected.


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  1. A+2 Synthesizer – one of our biggest and most popular instruments, this additive synthesizer contains two Low Frequency Oscillators for additional Amplitude and Frequency modulation.
  2. Additive Synth – The original additive synthesizer. This may have a few less features than the A+2, but is less demanding on your computer. Still full of potential, but better for slower computers or larger projects.
  3. Sample and Hold Synth – This synthesizer emulates old-school console sound cards (we’re talking Atari and older!). Easily generate a variety of fun sounds and effects.
  4. Stochastic Granular Synth – One of our wilder instruments, this tool randomly generates notes based on a variety of controls. Expect the unexpected, and discover new ideas!
  1. Chaos Synth – Another wild choice, the Choas Synth generates thick clumps of sound. Three modes provide different levels of control. Play it like a traditional instrument or control with sliders or a pad! Great for low churning pads or big imposing clusters.
  2. Drum Machine – Tap into your inner drummer. Load up to 16 of your favorite sounds and set your patterns. Save and recall those patterns or generate random ones!
  3. Vocoder – Up all night to make EDM? Or maybe you’d rather play Hide and Seek like Imogen Heap? This instrument allows you to combine two sounds together, like your lead singer and a keyboard! Use the built-in synthesizer or vocode with audio from any part of your signal chain.

Newest Effects and Filters

The Morphing Filter

Our unique take on the morphing filter allows you to combine up to five filters at once, and blend them in different combinations by following a time-based grid.

The VST Effect

Sure we offer a lot of effects, but who could say no to infinite expand-ability? Add your favorite VST plugin to see what other combinations you can make in your projects!


  1. Chorus – The classic effect that adds thickness to any sound. Turn your solo into a chorus of musicians.
  2. Comb – Strengthen and reveal frequencies with this filter. Choose a pitch to highlight and ramp up the feedback!
  3. Convolve – Wish you could combines the features of two sounds into one? Convolution gives you that power by simply selecting the sounds that you’d like to merge!
  4. DegraderDrive – Is distortion your cup of tea? Choose between two favorites – Degrade or Overdrive. Quickly switch between the two to find the perfect twist on your favorite riff.
  1. Delay – Got something you need to… Delay? Take your time, or not with our fully-featured delay module.
  2. Distortion – Layer three levels of distortion into your signal and customize each part of the audio spectrum. Our triple-band distortion gives you lots of customization options.
  3. Echo – Let your sound bounce around a bit in this traditional echo module. Our stereo ping-pong echo bounces signals back and forth between two channels.
  4. Filter Shaper – Choose between Lo-Pass, Hi-Pass, Band-Pass and Band-Reject. Includes the ability to set algorithm and complexity for deep customization.
  1. Flanger – Like a chorus kicked into overdrive, the Flanger is a music-industry classic, and a must have for far-out sound manipulation.
  2. Gater – Add a pulse to your sound by “gating” it at random intervals. Draw the shape of the pulse, then determine the speed and set it going.
  3. GigaVerb – The legendary reverb algorithm is perfect for creating huge, deep spaces for your sound. Ever wanted to rock out in the middle of a deep underground cave? Here’s your chance!
  4. Moog Ladder Filter – Another legendary effect, the Moog Ladder Low Pass recreates one of the best low-pass filters ever designed. Punch up your low end to a whole new level.
  1. Panner – Left, Right, In The Middle! Anywhere you want your sound to be! Send it around the room or position it at just the right location.
  2. Pitch Shift – Maybe that sound needs to be a little lower, or a lot higher? This efficient pitch-shifting algorithm is perfect for live performance and makes it a breeze to harmonize with yourself!
  3. Pitch Shift 2 – The heavy-duty bigger sibling of the original Pitch Shift, this version sounds even better than the original, with the trade-off of a slight delay. If you’re making a recording, why not go the extra mile to get that perfect sound?
  4. Resonant Filter – A selection of standard filters with a resonance option to add or remove focus around your center frequency. Center yourself!
  1. ReTuner – Worried about coming out flat or sharp in your next recording session? Let the re-tuner keep you on track! Or intentionally detune your sound for some really fun results!
  2. Reverb – Find just the right space for your sound with our algorithmic reverb unit. With just a few simple settings you can add the perfect depth for any occasion.
  3. RM_AM – Another dual-functioning filter, our Ring Modulation and Amplitude Modulation module is great for adding a soft pulse or a crazy grind to your sound in two unique flavors.

Newest Buffer Effects

The Glitch Pad

The Glitch Pad turns your audio files into glitch soup. Use the pad to scrub through different locations in your audio at different speeds, and loop through each location at very high rates. The results are impressive, noisy, and fun!


  1. Buffer Board – For the musician who prefers to work with lots and lots of audio files, this module allows you to load six audio files into a single location that can be swapped in and out of modules like the Audio FIle Player for quick playback.
  2. Crash Override – Add some chaos and some ‘noise’ to your sound with our unique glitching effect. Tweak the chance of glitches happening and play with the intensity of those glitches. Can make some really cool results.
  3. Crash and Burn – Merges the Crash Override and the Acid Burn to add an additional level of distortion but only to the glitched sounds to make them really growl!
  4. File Granulator – Completely pull-apart and recombine your audio files with the very robust and powerful granulator. Useful for time stretching/compression, pitch shifting, rhythmication, and for a ton of unexpected and imaginative ways of playing with your audio.
  5. Live Granulator – The Live Audio version of the File Granulator, capable of doing almost all of the same things, applied to any live sound. Turn your voice into a monster, or create creepy twisted echoes in real-time!
  1. File Scratcher – Play DJ with any audio file. Craft the perfect scratch, or hit the random button to try your luck and see what comes out.
  2. Live Scratcher – The Live Audio version of the File Scratcher lets you scratch audio from any part of your signal chain, including your live instruments!
  3. Chopper – New to Music_SDP 1.1.0, this module chops your audio files into segments, then lets you recombine and playback those segments in any order using a grid!
  4. Looper – This time-based looping tool allows you to record and then play along with yourself. Perfect for starting that one-musician band you’ve been dreaming of.
  5. Looper 2 – Our second looper tool is beat-based instead of time based. Set the tempo, meter, and number of beats, then hit record to start your loop.


  1. Audio File Player – Our fully-featured File Player gives you in-depth control of audio playback. Quickly select or change selection from the audio, speed up or slow down playback, change pitch and toggle on/off the loop function.
  2. EZ Audio Player – When you need quick control, or control over many files, the EZ Audio Player fits the bill. Load up to four audio files to play from one convenient location.
  3. Compressor – A classic tool to help your audio pop. Bring out the snare in your mix, or clarify your voice.
  4. Signal-In Control – A simple module with lots of use, Signal-In Control allows you to see the waveform for any part of your signal chain and lets you boost or attenuate the signal as needed.
  5. Studio Equalizer – A full five-stage visual equalizer that allows you to shape your sound to perfection with a high-pass, a low-pass and three band-pass or band-reject filters.

Newest MIDI Tools

The MIDI Editor

Maybe you’ve just recorded a really cool melody in the MIDI Recorder, or come up with some new combination in the MIDI Explorer, and you just didn’t get it quite the way you wanted it. Use the MIDI editor to open up a piano-roll view of the file and tweak it until it’s just right. Or, build a new file from scratch, drawing in every event that you need by hand.


  1. EZ MIDI Player – The quickest way to load up and play back MIDI files. Open any file that’s been added to the project with the MIDI Manager, then send the data out to any instrument, or to any other MIDI module.
  2. MIDI Arpeggiator – Create beautiful and involved arpeggiations with the MIDI Arpeggiator. Play chords, or send them over from another MIDI module, then hear them come to life with the shapes you craft on the arpeggio grid.
  3. MIDI Explorer – Turn your MIDI files inside out, upside down, and randomness and more. Perfect for coming up with new variations on your favorite melody.
  4. MIDI Recorder – Like what you’re playing? Record the MIDI data and play it back later, or save it and open it in your favorite notation software so you can share it with others!

Newest Utilities


The Automator module allows you to create, group, and send automation messages directly from the Pedal Board. Ideal for those who want to keep everything in one location!


A whole new method of control; set low and high values and let the machine decide the parameters for your favorite effects. Discover new combinations and explore the possibilities!

The MIDI Splitter

Got a melody that you need to send to a variety of places? Use the MIDI Splitter to send your data across multiple modules.

The VST Controller

OK, you’ve added your VST Instruments and Effects, now how do you get them to play nice with the Music_SDP communication system? The VST Controller translates MSDP automation messages into values that are usable in your favorite VST plugins.


  1. Hub – Combine four signals into one in the hub. Great for balancing the signal of multiple modules and great for combining several ideas.
  2. Meta-Box – Make it much easier to manage big projects by loading your boards into Meta-Box modules. Boards can be managed from one central space, and signal processing can be switched on and off in realtime, giving your CPU a break in larger projects.
  3. Signal Recorder – Record any part of your signal chain. Only keep what you need and ignore the rest!
  4. Signal-to-MIDI – Turns any monophonic audio signal into MIDI data. Record melodies, or use your instruments as a controller!
  5. Splitter – Create up to four outputs from a single output. Ideal for complex scenarios that require careful signal routing.

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