This project is the result of countless hours of labor done around and between jobs, life, and responsibilities. Donating any amount is a fantastic way to support the project and help it grow. Financial contributions will fund maintenance costs, marketing, and continued development of the software. We are grateful for donations of any size, and we will use that support to build the program into something bigger and better as time goes on.

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We’re always in need of contributors. If you have experience working in Max, OR if you know another language like Javascript, C or, Java and think it could be of benefit us, OR if you don’t program, but would like to help in any other way, please consider joining our team! Here are a few ways you could help improve Music_SDP:

  • Make new modules
  • Create a professional installer/updater script
  • Work on code optimization/clean-up
  • Work on application file size optimization
  • Help with graphic design building more intuitive interfaces
  • Become a QA tester
  • Become a social media manager
  • Help make demos for SoundCloud or tutorials for YouTube

If you’d like to take on any of these tasks, or would like to contribute in any other way, please contact us and let us know!

Donations help us pay for development work, bandwidth, web hosting, development tools, and audio hardware, and make a real impact in helping us realize this massive dream.

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