We’re launching the 1.1.3 update on our 1-Year Anniversary, and we’re making big changes to celebrate!

Download Music_SDP 1.1.2 to make some music while you wait!

One February 15th, 2016 (almost one year ago today) we launched the initial 1.0 Beta version of The Music and Sound Design Platform. Since that launch, we’ve released 12 updates, (that’s an average of one a month) and we’ve introduced huge changes to the program, including fixes, optimizations, and TONS of new modules and features. On February 18th, 2017 (that’s less than a week away), we’ll be releasing version 1.1.3, and WOW, do we have a lot to celebrate with this one!

Our Anniversary update brings a host of changes. Some of these improvements are big, and have huge implications for the future of the project. Some are so small as to be invisible, like the wealth of code optimizations and bug fixes. Some changes are cosmetic, and some are, as expected, new modules. This is one of those updates that touches on almost every aspect of the project. In fact, this is one of our biggest updates to-date!

You may have noticed the image on the header of this post was a bit different from our usual logo image. One of our many changes with this update includes some really nice graphic design by our newest contributor, Dean Berlinerblau. Dean worked to make this new logo for us, which I’m thrilled to finally display! It’s built in the shape of an MSDP module, and if you look closely, you’ll see the M is designed to look like an ADSR envelope! We love it, and we hope you will too! Keep your eyes out for more new art assets by Dean in the upcoming release.

Then there’s the update that changes everything, whether you use it or not! Music_SDP 1.1.3 now defaults to a full-screen mode, perfect for removing the distractions around you on your desktop. Should you prefer the traditional windowed mode, a toggle exists that lets you switch back-and-forth on the fly, and you can save your preference for each project.

This new mode required a major revision of the software, but ultimately it makes our project much more flexible. The options for what’s possible get blown wide open with this change, and you’ll get to benefit from these changes in future updates, whether you prefer the new mode or the traditional one.

There are also a host of new options that continue to improve the software as a performance tool. Now, not only can you load all necessary boards on launch, you  can also hide loaded boards, and you can have your first score event launch at the same time that you load your project! For creators who use MSDP as a platform for live performances of scripted compositions, this makes it easier than ever to get performances up-and-running, and minimizes screen clutter at the same time.


What would a new release be without some new modules though? This time around we have four new tools: one new instrument, one new MIDI module, and two new utilities.

The Stochastic File Granulator is an instrument that let’s you do wild things with your audio files, creating loud cacophonies or soaring harmonies. Find new ways of using your favorite audio files.

The Automator transports the power of Automator boards into a module, making it possible to save and retrieve your favorite combinations with your projects. The Randomator is a fun variation on this idea, producing random values within a range that you can control. Get more variety out of your performances without having to do more work!

Finally the MIDI editor allows you to create and edit MIDI files manually using a traditional piano-roll editor. Save your work or send it on to a synthesizer to start making music!


That’s not even all we’ve got! Contributor Michael Mann has been working on a completely revised, and better than ever, Chaos Synth, and he’s also been optimizing the Morphing Filter to make it much lighter on the CPU.

We’ve also been hard at work on fixing bugs and cleaning up a bunch of old errors.

AND, if you head over to our YouTube channel you’ll find several new videos including new practical tutorials and module highlights!

It’s all too much to fit into a single email! Why not join our new Facebook group, where updates are shared regularly and where our community is able to provide direct feedback that assists in the development of the software? You can use this group to show off the music you’ve made, and to ask us questions about the program. Go ahead and join. Like everything else with Music_SDP, it’s free!


There’s so much we want to say with this update, and so much we want to share. Ultimately, all of the new changes will speak for themselves when we launch the update next week. If you’re a regular user, this is an update you’re not going to want to miss. If you know someone who may like our project, this update will be the best place to start yet!

This first year running The Music and Sound Design Platform has been transformative. It’s been wonderful to see the community grow and to see the software become something that’s helped people make new and exciting music. I can’t wait to see what Year Two brings! Thank you to every single one of you for believing in our project, and for using Music_SDP to bring your imagination to life!

-Hugh Lobel, and the Music_SDP team.

we’ll see you next week when the update goes live! 🙂

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