Music_SDP 1.1.2 has arrived, and there’s lots of new things to see! Download Now.

The latest update to the Music and Sound Design Platform is finally here. The “Update” Update includes a lot of new features to many of our favorite modules. We’ve also got two new modules to show off! Scroll to the bottom of this post to read the full update list, or watch new video that quickly demonstrates each new feature:

Speaking of videos, I promised in the last newsletter that I’d be releasing the first video in our new Build-Your-Own-Module series along with the 1.1.2 update. Well, I’ve kept to my word, and the new video is up NOW to watch. The rest of the first part of the series will follow soon. Make sure you’ve got the 1.1.2 update if you want to start, as it contains all of the latest updates to the template files:

Do you have a request for future videos? Contact us on the website to tell us what you’d like to see next!


We’ve got lots of exciting news to share soon, and we’re working on some exciting features for our upcoming 1-year anniversary. But that’s all we have to share today.

Well, except for the update list for the new release! The full list of changes can be reviewed below:

MSDP 1.1.2 update changelog:

New Modules:

the Morphing Filter

Select five filters and morph between any combination of the five over time, via a sequencer-style grid.

the MIDI Splitter tool

Send a single MIDI message to four modules. Control and combine multiple instruments with a single MIDI sequence!

Module Updates:

Sample and Hold (SAH) Synthesizer
* Code has been majorly optimized.
* ADSR envelope has been added.

Gater Effect
* Added instructions on how to add, move, and remove points
* Added Clear button as parameter 9 to the Gater

Echo Effect
* Now includes options to start from left, right, or stereo

Audio File Player and EZ Audio File Player
* Both modules now auto detect stereo or mono and update accordingly
* Added Start/Stop points to EZFile.
* File Player now includes a pause/resume button. Stop now sends the file back to the start of the loop.
* Added playback locator to EZ Player and Audio Player.
* Significant code optimization to both EZ Audio FIle Player and Audio File Player

.DegraderDrive Filter
* Now includes option to route through both effects, and in either order.

Signal-to-MIDI Utility
* Added “1-octave” setting to list of modes

Signal-in Control Utility
* Display now changes color depending on volume of input signal.

MIDI Arpeggiator
* Revised and expanded routing list
* Now includes ability to add up multiple steps randomly on continuous random.
* Now includes a half-note time value.

Additive and A+2 Synthesizer
* New voice management system allowing for more natural note-off decays.

System Updates:

* P0 is now right before pFiles. This makes sure that presets don’t override other things in saved settings.
* Audio Effect Template now properly saves file name and auto-detects mono/stereo.
* The “msdp_vol_fix” objects have been replaced with a similar, but better object called “msdp_sig_out”. object includes all of the code to send signals out, slightly simplifying the design of the templates.
* Updated the Synth Template with the new “midinote” method.
* Added the ability to flush the template and the stochastic.

Board Browser
* Added “Death From Below” and “Momentous” instrument boards to the board browser.

System Structure
* The “effects” folder has been renamed to “Modules”.
* The _Music_SDP.maxpat launcher has been updated to look for “Modules” and “Choose1.maxpat” has also been updated appropriately.


And we’re already at work on the next update! We can’t wait to share more information on that with everyone in our next post!

-Hugh Lobel, and the Music_SDP team.

we’ll see you soon with another update 🙂

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